Modern Illness Prevention

Thinking Healthy Thoughts


Many associate being healthy with the physical aspects of the body, and that should be the main focus of physicians and patients when looking at lifestyle. A body that has medical issues is unlikely to be fixed without intervention, but attitude can be everything when approaching any new medical procedure or positive lifestyle changes. For those who have a jaundiced view of exercise or a healthy diet, a change is necessary. Thinking healthy thoughts can be done in many ways, and a positive attitude is what will help patients reach their goals easier.

There are several different ways a healthy attitude can be achieved, and it all depends upon the needs of the patient. For those facing major surgery, it is important to know what can go wrong, but they should also spend some time thinking about what could go right. It might be a frightening experience to face a hip replacement, but focusing on the fact it could restore their mobility is much more likely to help them cope with the situation.

Eating healthy has long been touted as a pathway to feeling better, but giving up tasty calories that have no nutritional value can be difficult. A person in need of an attitude adjustment toward healthy living could consider the colours and textures of their new diet. Rather than bemoaning giving up fried foods, looking at an array of fresh vegetables with bright colours could be a good tool to get them ready for the change in diet and physical health. It will make their transition easier, and they might find it can make it quicker if they narrow their focus onto the positives.

The mind has a great deal of control over the body, so thinking positively about healthy choices can make a big difference in a person’s lifestyle. Being able to make the switch to healthier eating is one component, but seeking out the positives when concerned about surgery can be another good way to feel better.