Modern Illness Prevention

Treating Allergies


Medical professionals have long known that allergies can be dangerous, and they can cause some patients to develop asthma. Preventing allergic reactions is not always possible, but they can be reduced in severity by exposure. The first step is to determine what a patient will react to negatively, and then the doctor can prescribe a treatment regimen. People with many allergies might require years to get through the program, but it will lessen their reactions when they are exposed.

Each person’s body is very different when it comes to allergies, and even two children with the same parents can have a wide variation. Testing for allergies generally requires a scratch test where a very tiny amount of a potential allergen is scratched into the surface of the patient’s skin. After an appropriate time, the area is examined by the physician, and the patient’s reactions are noted on a chart containing the information of what was introduced. Those with a severe reaction can be given injections with small amounts of the substances with the most severe reactions and build their own antibodies to fight them.